About Tracey Delfs ...

• Lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. However, is often found in the mountains leading retreats, biking, hiking or skiing. 

• Has been working in the Wellness area since she received her degree from the University of Alberta with a Major in Health and Wellness Promotion in 1991.

• Founded Balance Quest in 1995.

• She is an experienced mindfulness, meditation & wellness speaker who has presented at numerous workplaces and conferences throughout Canada.

• Tracey has been a student of Zen Master and Mindfulness meditation teacher Thich Nhat Hanh's since the late 90's.  Since then she  has had the opportunity to study with with him on a regular basis at his mindfulness retreat centres in France and Germany.  Thich Nhat Hanh has been coined by the media as "The Father of Mindfulness" and Oprah refers to him as "the calmest man in the world".  Tracey shares his wisdom and mindfulness teachings in her mindfulness & meditation classes, presentations and retreats.  Along with teachings from her other mindfulness teachers she has studied with including Jon Kabat-Zinn, Pema Chodron and Sharon Salzberg.

• She became a Certified Yoga teacher in 2000. Since then she has traveled to India and various other countries studying yoga and was blessed to have been a student of the Guru of Ashtanga Yoga Sri Pattabhi Jois.  Since Tracey did her teacher training in 2000 she has lead over 40 mindfulness, meditation and yoga retreats and has taught yoga and meditation to thousands of students both locally and internationally.

• Has been enjoying being a Life Coach to hundreds of clients from around the World via the phone, Skype/FaceTime and in person since she became a Certified Life Coach with The Coaches Training Institute in 2004.

• Tracey teaches Mindfulness, Meditation and Stress Management to employees, athletes and individuals who want to reduce their stress levels and improve their performance.  She is an experienced mindfulness teacher having now taught for over 17 years now.  She teaches weekly mindfulness meditation classes to the public and in the corporate sector. 

• She is and Licensed HeartMath™ & Resilience Coach and Trainer, through the HeartMath™ Institute in California.  She introduces these HeartMath™ techniques to her clients to to help them better manage their emotions, decrease stress levels and increase their level of happiness.

• She traveled and worked part-time with the Canadian National Alpine, Freestyle and Biathlon teams to World-Cups and worked with them at the Salt Lake City and Vancouver Olympics.

• Enjoys spending time with friends, meditating, yoga, skiing, mountain biking, hiking and traveling to exotic places around the World.

• Tracey is committed to inspiring others to find more inner peace, balance, health and happiness in their lives.

I love to teach people ‘how’ to slow down and enjoy the present moment.
— Tracey Delfs

My story...

In my early twenties I started on on my personal growth quest, seeking ways I could create more peace, presence, balance and true happiness in my life.  Since then I've travelled the World studying with numerous mindfulness teachers, Zen masters and yoga gurus in India, Europe and the US gaining wisdom from them that I could integrate into my own life and teach to others. My main mindfulness teacher is Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh whom I've been blessed to study with at nine different retreats since the late 90's.

Upon reflection I can see how my career has shifted over the years to reflect my own journey of personal growth and healing through challenging times that I've gone through. During a a very difficult time in my life when I was thrown a number of curve balls all at once, I believe that my daily mindfulness meditation and yoga practice actually saved my life. Then practicing HeartMath™ techniques helped me to regain my health after this challenging time. I can honestly say if didn’t have these practices while I went though this very challenging time I’m not sure if I would be here today to teach them to you. 

Even though this challenging time was many years ago,  I still continue to get up every morning and do my morning yoga and meditation practice. Along with continuing to integrate various mindfulness and HeartMath™ practices into my day. I also continue to  work with a coach to help support me through the curve balls of life and to inspire me to live my best life. 

I'm grateful that I get to enjoy the benefits of these various practices in my own life and that I have the opportunity to share these practices with with others. Over the years I have been blessed to teach thousands of people around the world mindfulness, meditation, yoga and HeartMath™; helping them to increase their resilience to changes and challenges that come their way.  Unfortunately we weren’t born with a tool box for ‘how’ to navigate our way through the ups and downs of life. Therefore, I feel like we need to make it a priority to invest in and gain these tools to support us on this journey that we are all on called 'life'.

I feel that it’s my life's purpose is to share these various practices with people so they can learn to live more in the present moment and increase their resilience to change and challenge.  I have also come to realize that the different modalities that I teach (meditation, mindfulness, yoga and HeartMath™) are all really different roads leading to the same destination. The destination is a calmer, more focused, present and happier life for my coaching clients and participants that come to my classes and retreats. 

I know that I will always continue to be on a path of learning, growing and studying with amazing teachers around the World. However, I can honestly say now that my searching is over and that 'I have arrived', where I truly feel a deep sense of peace, contentment and happiness in my daily life. For this I am grateful for all the incredible teachers that I’ve been blessed to study with,  for the wonderful people that I have in my life and that I have honoured myself enough to stay committed to my daily meditation and yoga practice over all these years. 

My wish for you is that you receive the same benefits of integrating these daily practices into your life as they have brought into mine.

In Mindfulness,