Tracey Delfs Workplace Mindfulness Expert

Tracey Delfs

Workplace & Conference Mindfulness, Meditation and Stress Management

Speaker, Trainer & Teacher

Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Would your employees?

• Benefit from learning techniques to help them decrease the level of stress and overwhelm they may currently be experiencing?  

• Be interested in learning about what mindfulness is, the benefits and how to meditate?

• Benefit from learning strategies that help them to better manage distractions and help them to focus better, have more clarity, creativity and productivity?

• Like to increase their level of happiness and improve their physical and mental health?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these stress management questions then having Tracey come into your workplace or to your conference to speak on mindfulness, meditation, or resilience training or to teach Workplace Mindfulness classes may be exactly what you are looking for. 

See below for more information or CONTACT TRACEY  to learn more or to book her to come into your organization or conference also see at the bottom of this page present and past clients of Tracey's. 

Thank you kindly for your session this afternoon – it was an honor to listen to your presentation, you have an incredible energy which is very contagious!
Leora Hornstein - Occupational Health & Wellness | Cenovus Energy Inc.


There are many options available for workplace & conference mindfulness, meditation, resilience and wellness training:

Presentations and workshops with Tracey can be as short as a 45 minute or one hour Lunch and Learns to as long as a multiple day retreat.  Each session is adapted to suit the the particular company that Tracey is presenting to.  See at the bottom of this page a list of various presentation, Lunch & Learn and workshop topics that you can choose from.

Another option is to have Tracey come to your workplace to teach mindfulness meditation classes to your employees. These classes can be custom designed for your business and could range anywhere from3 -10 week sessions.   Each class is typically 45 minutes long. This is a great way to integrate mindfulness into your companies culture.  Tracey currently teaches regular weekly classes at Shell, Intact Insurance and ARC Financial Corporation.  These sessions are taught in office chairs in board rooms or conference rooms, so employees don't need to get changed. 


Stress Management Calgary, AB
A new comprehensive analysis of mindfulness at Case Western Reserve University, suggests that introducing mindfulness into a corporate culture not only improves focus, but the ability to manage stress and how employees work together.
— Case Western Reserve University
“The feedback I got back from your Lunch and Learn session was excellent. Our members really enjoyed your presentation. Thank you for coming and we’ll be in touch for more events.”
—  L. Camargo,  Shell Oil, Calgary


Presentation, Lunch & Learn and Workshop Topics: 


mindfulness 1o1

In this session employees will learn the what, where, when, why and how of mindfulness. They will learn what mindfulness is and isn't, the benefits and how to easily incorporate various simple mindfulness practices into their work day. This is an interactive session where employees get 'a taste' of mindfulness. They will be guided through a short relaxation meditation, as well as a couple of mindfulness exercises that will result in them understanding the importance of single-tasking versus multi-tasking.  Mindfulness creates more focused, productive, healthier and happier employees.



In this session employees will learn 5 stress reduction techniques that they can use with ease throughout their day to help them de-stress in 5 minutes or less. Practicing these simple techniques will help them to increase their ability to handle stress, feelings of overwhelm and challenges that come their way. Helping them to achieve more calm, clarity and focus. 



In this session employees will learn 'how' to calm their minds and 'how' to live more in the present moment through mindfulness meditation. Resulting in a decrease of feeling overwhelmed and increasing their ability to focus, be more productive and improve their overall physical and mental health. In this session employees will get experience a short guided meditation and a relaxation exercise both while sitting in their chairs. They will learn the benefits of meditation and how they can easily bring meditation into their daily lives. They will be taught a few mini-breathing techniques that they can incorporate into their workday and will learn how to start a regular home meditation practice. 

Tracey also is available for teaching weekly mindfulness meditation classes at your workplace. She currently teaches regular weekly classes at Shell Canada and Intact Insurance.  Contact Tracey for more information on setting up a 4 - 10 week session of weekly mindfulness meditation classes at your workplace. 



Resilience skills for clear choices, optimal function and innovative action 

During this training there are a number of techniques will be taught that can be used with ease throughout the day to decrease the drain of stress on the body and bring the mind and body back to a balanced state. Resulting in the ability to move through the workday in 'the zone' or 'flow' state. This is a calm, focused, alert state that helps with focus, productivity and stress reduction.  During the session there will also be a live demonstration using HeartMath's biofeedback equipment to demonstrate how quickly the body responds in a positive way to when practicing these techniques. If these techniques are practiced regularly they will increase employees' resilience to stress, change and challenges that come their way at work and in life.  In addition it will improve their clarity of thought, focus and creativity. 

Click here for a PDF that shares more information about this session.

Tracey is a Certified Trainer though The HeartMath™ Institute for The Resilience Advantage™ Training Program.



This session involves sharing with the employees various ways that they bring more mindfulness & happiness into their work day and their personal lives.  Tracey uses a combination of mindfulness and positive psychology methods that when practiced results in happier, healthier and more productive employees. These methods help to decrease stress and help people to train their minds to look for what's right in life versus what's wrong. 

Tracey is genuine and caring. She teaches with positive enthusiasm that I found calmly motivating. I appreciate that she came prepared and incorporated examples into her mindfulness presentation that were relevant to daily life inside and outside of work.”  
— R. Niebrugge, Foothills Hospital, Calgary


Tracey's background in presenting in workplaces, conferences & with sports teams:

For over a decade now Tracey has enjoyed bringing mindfulness, meditation and resilience training to a large number of corporations, workplaces and conferences within Calgary and across Canada. See some of these past and present clients below. When she goes to these organizations she teaches employees a variety of mindfulness and other techniques that they can incorporate into their day with ease to help them decrease their level of stress and overwhelm, enhance their focus and productivity, as well as improving their level of health and happiness. 

Tracey has been working in the wellness area since she received my degree with a Major in Health and Wellness Promotion in 1991. When she speaks in workplaces or at conferences she brings these many years of experience into what I she is sharing.  This also includes the wisdom she's learned from a decade of working and travelling part-time with Olympic athletes (including two Olympics). She is know in Alberta as a mindfulness expert and has been teaching meditation and mindfulness since 2000. Tracey is also a Certified Resilience Trainer through the HeartMath™ Institute. 

“Thank you for coming to West Land Services to do a Lunch and Learn on Mindfulness. Reminding us to live more in the here and now, enjoying the simple things in life. Your calming personality and presence made it a pleasure for us to pay attention to your presentation.  We all left the presentation with more knowledge about mindfulness and how we can easily incorporate various mindfulness techniques throughout our day.”
— K. Thomas - Canada West Land Services, Calgary


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